SPECTRUM stands for Social Policy Evaluation Collaborative Team Research at Universities in Manitoba


SPECTRUM brings people together to use data and lived experience to inform how we can become a fairer and more just society. We share a commitment that we can achieve more by working together than we could working alone.

  • WHO - we are a collaborative partnership of community organization representatives, government staff, researchers and students from across Manitoba

  • WHY – we are seeking creative ways to make human services, programs and policies better serve people’s needs

  • HOW – we are doing this through applied research, predominantly using the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository

  • WHAT – our ultimate goal is to achieve equity, across the complete spectrum of outcomes, including: health and well-being, education, justice, housing, income, and employment



Collaboration: We will give partners the benefit of the doubt, ask questions when we need clarification, and actively participate in the work.

Compassion: We will have compassion for each other by holding space for different perspectives and experiences.

Courage: We will have courage to share freely the knowledge we bring for our collective benefit.

Creativity & Innovation: We welcome and seek out new ideas of tackling complex problems.

Respect for Diversity: We will not privilege one type of wisdom or ways of knowing over another.


SPECTRUM will adopt an anti-racist and decolonizing approach as a foundation to our work.