SPECTRUM is a partnership of researchers, students, community service providers, non-profit organizations and government staff from across Manitoba.

The SPECTRUM (Social Policy Evaluation Collaborative Team Research at Universities in Manitoba) partnership plans to work together to seek ways to improve social services programs and policies in Manitoba and beyond. Our work will involve both qualitative and quantitative research, drawing on the information available in the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository housed at the University of Manitoba. The data system includes de-identified records of service use from the provincial departments of Education, Families, Justice and Health.


Why is SPECTRUM needed?

Users of social services are often the most disadvantaged and most marginalised members of society. And despite being eligible for a number of support programs, these people can easily fall through the cracks due to the lack of coordination between departments and agencies. With political and public pressure to spend taxpayer funds wisely, there is a need for rigorous research to make sure the right people are getting services and that the programs are helping as intended.