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A photograph of Knowledge Keeper Spillet smiling, holding a microphone, a feather, and a box of tobacco.

A photograph of Knowledge Keeper Spillet smiling, holding a microphone, a feather, and a box of tobacco.

SPECTRUM stands for Social Policy Evaluation Collaborative Team Research at Universities in Manitoba




SPECTRUM brings people together to use data and lived/living expertise to inform how we can become a fairer and more just society. We share a commitment that we can achieve more by working together than we could working alone.

  • WHO - we are a collaborative partnership of community organization representatives, government staff, researchers and students from across Manitoba

  • WHY – we are seeking creative ways to make human services, programs and policies better serve people’s needs

  • HOW – we are doing this through applied research, predominantly using the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository

  • WHAT – our ultimate goal is to achieve equity, across the complete spectrum of outcomes, including: health and well-being, education, justice, housing, income, and employment



Collaboration: We will give partners the benefit of the doubt, ask questions when we need clarification, and actively participate in the work.

Compassion: We will have compassion for each other by holding space for different perspectives and experiences.

Courage: We will have courage to share freely the knowledge we bring for our collective benefit.

Creativity & Innovation: We welcome and seek out new ideas of tackling complex problems.

Respect for Diversity: We will not privilege one type of wisdom or ways of knowing over another.


SPECTRUM adopts an anti-racist and decolonizing approach as a foundation to our work.

Since our first meeting in September 2019 we have grown and made significant progress in showing that our partnership can work to undertake meaningful research directed to inform and evaluate policy in Manitoba. 

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The SPECTRUM partnership is in the process of developing a shared vision. Using vision statements written by our partners we have created a vision cloud: 

A word cloud. Change and society are the largest two words surrouded by justice, equitable, community, social, research, improved and solutions
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